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A highly experienced product manager possessing design, engineering and business insight.

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A highly resourceful and result-driven product manager possessing design, engineering and business insight with a demonstrated ability to successfully lead cross-functional teams, communication cleary and provide research, with creative problem solving skills

Name Agatha Ambrose
Address Accra - Ghana
Phone (+233) 025 661 1702
Github agathambrose
LinkedIn agatha ambrose
    ( 08/2021 — Present )

    Engineering Manager

    Implemented well-documented and architected, top quality code at a reasonably fast pace, improving overall performance by 10%.

  • Dreamit Dev
    ( 02/2022 — 04/2022 )

    Product Consultant

    Managed the development of a web product in the hospitality industry, resulting in increased booking of the client's services by 30%.

  • Ryffable
    ( 09/2021 — 04/2022 )

    Lead Software Engineer(FE)

    Provided front-end engineering skills by building the product's authentication, marketplace, dashboard and user profile. Resulting in over 70% readiness for the launch of the MVP.

  • Hasob Integrated Services
    ( 01/2021 — 05/2021 )

    Software Engineer(FE)

    Built an E-commerce and Quiz app with ReactJS, Redux-Toolkit, and React-Bootstrap. Also utilised extensive software engineering methodologies to develop products throughout the software lifecycle, keeping user experience in mind, from ideation and requirements definition to development and deployment.

  • Sickle Cell Advocacy & Management Initiative
    ( 01/2020 — 04/2021 )

    Financial Accountant

    Led the development and analysis of organization-wide financial policy and budget management to reach an increase in organizational performance of over 30%.

  • Scitylana
    ( 02/2019 — 11/2020 )

    Lead Product Manager

    Led the development of a B2c product in the food industry to enable users to order local indigenous meals, which grew to over 2000 daily users in the first 5 months.

  • Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology

    Product Management & Software Entrepreneurship

    Product Marketing, Branding, Software Ideation and Deployment, Communication, Research and Business strategies.

  • University of Lagos

    Accounting and Finance

    Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Budgeting, NGO Accounting, Petroleum Accounting, Forensics Accounting, Research, Business and Project Development.

Product Design: Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, IconJar

Product Management:, Q/A wolf, Miro, Asana, Jira, AWS, ProdPad

Collaboration: GitHub, Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, Zoho, Clickup, Bitbucket

Frontend - basic: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap

Frontend - advanced: Styled Components, Sass, TypeScript, ReactJS, NextJS, GatsbyJS, Redux, JWT

Backend: Python, Django, PgAdmin

Mobile Dev: React Native, Flutter

A creative techpreneur with a love for minimal design, clean typography and well-written code, located in Africa.


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